LOUISVILLE, Ky. (WDRB) -- St. Matthews Police are expressing frustration and concern, worried that a burglar is about to strike again. 

Detectives put out security pictures again Monday with more information on a burglary hoping to flesh out new clues from the community. 

It happened on Nov. 15 at the Professional Tower building off Dupont Circle, and police say it wasn't your average burglary. They say the man caught going to and from the building stole thousands in cash and sports memorabilia from the office complex.

"He doesn't just make one trip to the parking lot," said Det. Dennis McDonald of the St. Matthews Police Department. "He makes two trips to the parking lot."

Police say he didn't just steal: he vandalized and ransacked the place.

"This person is in that business for about two hours," Det. McDonald said.

The suspect came in around 8:00 p.m., tricking the cleaning staff by posing as a painter, police say. At one point, he allegedly stopped mid-break for a snack, helping himself to hot chocolate from a company cupboard.

"We're dealing with an odd character," McDonald said.

Collectibles expert Chris Joint says the memorabilia that was stolen has likely already been sold. 

"Autographs are always hot," Joint said.

Most sports memorabilia pieces lack serial numbers, which makes tracking nearly impossible, and resales -- both online and in-person -- quick and easy. 

Joint, the owner of Sandlot Sports Cards and Collectibles, says he's always on the lookout. 

"If it has some value to it and it seems like there's something questionable, I'm going to try to do something where I can at least get some info and pass it along if I thought it was stolen," he said.

But stolen sports collectibles are not what worry police most. 

"We believe he has other items that would provide him the means to commit similar offenses," said McDonald. "It's a big concern."

The property managers at Professional Towers declined to comment on-camera, but the company says it re-keyed every lock in the building.

"Someone knows who this person is, and as of yet, we haven't gotten any good leads, so we're asking the public to take another look at these photographs," McDonald said.

The images McDonald references are included with this story. 

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