LOUISVILLE, Ky. (WDRB) -- A Pleasureville, Ky., man is accused of nearly electrocuting his girlfriend, but he said in an exclusive jailhouse interview that never happened.

According to an arrest warrant, 23-year-old Gregory Preston and his girlfriend got into an argument on Thursday, Dec. 8, in Shelby County. While she was taking a bath, he allegedly plugged in a curling iron and threw it in the bathtub.

"I never did nothing like that, ma'am,” Preston said. “Never in my life would I do something like that."

Preston claimed that the two were arguing because his girlfriend was talking with other men. He said he packed his bag and was leaving because she told him to. In the process, Preston said his girlfriend was hitting him and fell down the stairs of the back porch. Then, he said she drove him to his parents’ home.

“She told me that if I was to come around her that she would file charges,” Preston said. “Which I told her, 'I'm not really worried about you filing charges, because I haven't did nothing for you to file charges unless it's false allegations.'”

Preston said he had not seen her since Dec. 8. Then, on Tuesday morning, Preston said his girlfriend called him and said she filed for an emergency order of protection against him. He came to court later that day for that order, and that’s when he said he was arrested and charged.

"I should've had the opportunity to stay on the outside and fight this, because I know the truth and what the truth is,” Preston said. “This is what she wanted! She's probably getting smiles. She's probably getting laughs right now. This is what she wanted.”

According to Preston, his girlfriend is making up the allegations that he attempted to electrocute her, confine her to the home and destroy her cell phone.

"She's mad at the world. She's mad at me right now," he said. "She put me in the situation I'm in right now for no reason, for false allegations. It's all falsified, it's not right."

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Preston is facing charges of Criminal Mischief 3rd Degree, Unlawful Improvement 1st Degree, and Murder Domestic Violence. He is being held at the Shelby County Detention Center on $500,000 cash bond.

"She's trying to say that I did these things, but the good Lord above knows that I haven't. For the past year I've been living by the Bible, and this is what I get in return."

Before being arrested on these most-recent charges, Preston said he was out on bond after another woman accused him of sexual abuse.

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