LOUISVILLE, Ky. (WDRB) -- The Louisville Fraternal Order of Police has made a no confidence vote of LMPD leadership, and LMPD Chief Steve Conrad has responded. 

Out of seven questions, all exceeded 90 percent in the "no" category. For example, 99.3 percent of voters said they don't "believe that the LMPD has enough officers to function effectively."

On the ballot were several questions to members including confidence in leadership, communication and manpower, despite the addition of a SWAT team and expansion of the narcotics units.

Dave Mutchler, president of the River City FOP, said membership asked for the confidence vote because of concerned about the lack of manpower, a record breaking number of criminal homicides this year and Chief Conrad's decision to eliminate flex units.

"We've got this violent crime that's out of control, and we are looking at ways to handle it," he said. "There's only so many of us that can do that."

More than 600 ballots were cast, 95 percent of which were by those holding rank of sergeants or detectives. That's about half of the number of people eligible to vote.

These votes are common among police departments, and this vote does not necessarily mean Chief Conrad's job is in jeopardy. 

"The union has a right to voice their opinion, but any leader will tell you that leadership is about doing the right thing at the right time, rather than the popular thing," Chief Conrad said.

This also comes at a time when officers, the command staff and a lot of residents are concerned and frustrated because of a record number of criminal homicides in Metro Louisville.

Right now, we are at 113 for the year. That's 34 more than last year and more than double the two previous years.

On Thursday afternoon, Louisville Mayor Greg Fischer issued a statement, saying that, "I appreciate the FOP's input. Now I urge everyone to continue working together to improve public safety in our great city."

Chief Conrad also responded to the FOP's concerns. 

"While I’m confident in my decisions, I respect the over 600 men and women of this department who voted this week," Chief Conrad said. "I will work to regain their confidence and to address their concerns, but I will never compromise my duty to do the RIGHT THING!"

Click here to read Chief Conrad's complete statement

Here are the full results from the two-day vote:

1. The RCFOP Lodge 614 membership believes that LMPD infrastructure, buildings and offices are maintained at an acceptable level as to allow members to work in a safe and healthy environment?

                                    YES – 9.5%                             NO – 90.5%

2. The RCFOP Lodge 614 membership believes that the LMPD has enough officers to function effectively?

                                    YES – 0.67%                           NO – 99.33%

3. The RCFOP Lodge 614 membership believes that the chief and his staff appropriately and efficiently assign and utilize officers (details/events, reorganizations, specialty units, etc.)?

                                    YES – 0.83%                           NO – 99.17%

4. The RCFOP Lodge 614 membership believes that the chief and his staff listen to input from members and the community regarding how to respond to crime in Louisville?

                                    YES – 5.18%                           NO – 94.82%

5. The RCFOP Lodge 614 membership believes that the chief and his staff adequately support the members who strive to enforce the law and maintain order on the streets of Louisville?

                                    YES – 2.83%                           NO – 97.17%

6. The RCFOP Lodge 614 membership believes that the chief and his staff have appropriately addressed the failure of our judicial system to prosecute and incarcerate violent criminals in Louisville?

                                    YES – 1%                                NO – 99%

7. The RCFOP Lodge 614 membership has confidence in the leadership of LMPD Chief Steve Conrad?

                                    YES – 1.83%                           NO – 98.17%

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