LOUISVILLE, Ky. (WDRB) -- Starting today (Dec. 15) as the annual Cards/Cats basketball game approaches, fans will be able to vote on whether to light the Big Four Bridge blue or red on December 20-21.

According to a news release, #B4Brivalry, a fundraising campaign to benefit Waterfront Park and the Big Four bridge, will allow fans to vote by making a donation at B4Brivalry.causevox.com to either #L1C4bridge (Louisville First, Cards Forever) or #BBNbridge (Big Blue Nation).

The team with the highest total of donations will get bragging rights and a special red/white or blue/white lighting scheme on Game Night Eve, December 20 and Game Night, December 21. 

Ashley Smith with the Waterfront Development Corporation says, "It's an opportunity to support Waterfront Park and vote for your favorite team. We have this wonderful Big Four Bridge that can be lit in all kind of different colors, so this was a fun idea to create a contest, hype the game and also support Waterfront Park."

#B4Brivalry is a fundraising campaign and allows fans to vote by making a donation that'll go to the maintenance of the Big Four Bridge and Waterfront Park. Bragging rights will go to the team that gets the most donations.
The bridge will be lit up in that teams' colors on the night before the rivalry basketball game December 20th and Game Night, December 21st. 
The show will start at dusk and stay on until 1am each night.

The Waterfront Development Corporation says it's dealing with a huge shortfall because of reduced funding from the state.
Smith says, "We'd love to raise 420,000 dollars. We don't know how much money we'll raise, this is a fun idea something we thought of just a few days ago and we jumped and implemented it quickly."

Keith Lankford who walks the bridge a lot says, "It seems like a novel way to sort of include a community facility like this into what I think is a wonderful rivalry between UK and U of L and if it raises money to keep this kind of thing going, it's so much better."

The special lights will start at dusk and stay on until 1 a.m. each night.

Fans can keep track of how their team is doing on the campaign's website and on Waterfront Park's Facebook page (www.facebook.com/louisvillewaterfront). Donations can be made until 4 p.m. on Tuesday, December 20.

Proceeds of the campaign will go toward maintenance and operation of Waterfront Park and the Big Four® Bridge.

This is the first time a contest has been held to light the Big Four bridge; however, groups can commission a Bridge Lighting program in the colors of their choice for a fee: $2,000 for one night; $4,000 for Friday-Sunday; and $6,000 for a week. 

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