HENRYVILLE, Ind. (WDRB) -- A Henryville High School student's talents will soon be seen around the globe. WDRB traveled to band class to learn about the program that helped get him to the Rose Bowl Parade this January.

Kolin Edrington is a senior. When he isn't studying for finals or on the swim team, he's practicing for hundreds of thousands of people as the world watches this year's Rose Parade.

"I'm pretty good around here, but I don't know how good everybody across the country is and I know there are people better than me out there. So, I thought it'd be cool if I got it but I was never really sure," Edrington said.

"When I found out he applied, I said, 'okay, so he's going to march.' And then when I found out he had been accepted, I said, 'duh.' The kid's fantastic. There was no way they weren't going to take him," said Chauncey Varner, Director of Band for Henryville High School.

Edrington auditioned online for the Music for All program. It's a national effort that ensures every child has opportunities in music. "That was amazing. I auditioned in January and I had no idea how many people would be auditioning for it and then whenever I found out a month later, it was crazy," Edrington said.

Look for him and other high school students from around the country as they make up the Bands of America Honor Band.

How does one prepare for the century old new year tradition? A lot of practice. "It's not just that he does the bare minimum of what we give or even a little bit more than what we give, it's Kolin is constantly trying to find ways to improve himself both as a person and as a musician," Varner said.

Working hard comes easy for Edrington, especially when he says Henryville is behind him. "I think it's really great to represent a great community," Edrington said.

It's a once in a lifetime opportunity for this teen and a proud moment in school history.

"It's rare, it's not something we see a lot of. You hear a lot of people talk about this generation of kids and say 'oh, Millennials,' but I see every day, through students like Kolin, that there's a lot of things going right," Varner said.

The Rose Bowl Parade is January 2 in Pasadena.

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