LOUISVILLE, Ky. (WDRB) -- Doing the right thing could win you a free steak dinner. 

Texas Roadhouse, the Louisville Metro Police Department and the Louisville Metro Police Foundation are launching the "YOU'VE BEEN CAUGHT -- (doing the right thing)" campaign.

Officers will hand out gift cards to people who have had a positive influence on others.  

Jefferson County Public Schools bus driver, Desmond Anderson, is the first winner. He drives West End students to-and-from school, but serves more as a role model and helpful friend.

"He is a tremendous asset, not only to our team, but to JCPS, and the entire community," said Randy Frantz, Director of Transportation for JCPS. "And we have hundreds of more Desmond's out there driving buses every day."

Texas Roadhouse plans to hand out 499 more certificates for free steak dinners.

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