LOUISVILLE, Ky. (WDRB) -- Louisville athletic director Tom Jurich may not be a popular man these days in the national media, but he’s still got a big supporter in Louisville basketball head coach Rick Pitino.

“When you have 1,000 press conferences, you are going to say the wrong thing from time to time,” Pitino said Friday.

Pitino was referring to Jurich’s initial statements about "WakeyLeaks," in which he acknowledged Louisville co-offensive coordinator Lonnie Galloway had received inside information from a Wake Forest radio announcer. (Pitino made these comments before a second statement was released Friday in which Louisville suspended Galloway for the Citrus Bowl). Jurich was criticized for adding the issue had “brought undue attention to our football staff as we prepare for our upcoming bowl game.”

“All I can say is from Tom’s stand point, the man will do the right thing,” Pitino said. “He is about honor and integrity.”

Pitino spent a nearly half of his 15-minute press conference talking about "WakeyLeaks." He admitted the conversion about coaching ethics came up with his own staff earlier this week.

“I posed it to my own staff. ‘What if someone called up and said they saw a Kentucky practice, and they are working a 1-3-1 zone?’ [By that point], it’s too late to say, ‘I don’t want to hear that.’”

Pitino later added for everyone to come clean for the sake of the integrity of the game.

“If we have done things wrong or if Virginia Tech has done things wrong or if Army has done something wrong, everyone has to take ownership of it.”  

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