LOUISVILLE, Ky. (WDRB) -- Grief is an all too familiar scene across Louisville this year.

Nearly 120 people murdered have been murdered in 2016 in Jefferson County, more than 20 of which are under the age of 20.

So as kids begin the long winter break, groups like Black Butterfly, Inc., are mobilizing to ensure these children don't fall victim to the violence. They're rolling out various events over the course of the month, one of which was Friday at the Chestnut YMCA.

Christmas on Chestnut was a welcome sight to a lot of kids thanks to generous donations and volunteers.

"There's a lot going on that will take away their hope, take away their life, taking away that last breath," said Cheryl Ford with Black Butterfly, Inc. "So we're trying to put breath back into them and give them hope."

Neal Robertson with the West Louisville Urban Coalition is on the front lines, often called to homicides to console victims' loved ones. He warns that kids left to their own devices often end up on the street during the long break, which is why he says things like this are so important.

"It helps because it keeps them engaged in positive things," Robertson said. "They're seeing people around them that care about them, that are concerned about them."

He's trying to shape their minds before they're led to mischief. 

"If we don't get involved, somebody else will raise them," Robertson said.

Lots of groups are hosting camps and events to keep kids engaged during the break, including Metro Parks and Rec.

For a list of events for kids, click here.

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