LOUISVILLE, Ky. (WDRB) -- Cory and Sabrina McCubbins had an unwelcome holiday guest Thursday afternoon.

A surveillance camera captured a woman taking a Christmas present right off the front porch.

"I see that she sticks something in our mailbox, and then picks up our package and then just takes off with it," Cory McCubbins said. "This was our son's first Christmas, and this was one of his presents a person was taking from underneath his tree."

It's just one of several package thefts being reported in the Pleasure Ridge Park area.

"I feel bad for everybody out there," Sabrina McCubbins said. "I mean, I hope everybody knows you can't even trust your neighbors now. These people, they have no remorse for what they're doing."

Saturday morning, police arrested Amanda McClelland in connection with the packages stolen in the Pleasure Ridge Park area. 

It's also a big problem in Jeffersonville, Ind., where police have already made an arrest this week in a case.

"Our officers, when responding, observed the vehicle with a female driver and later was able to conduct a traffic stop," said Det. Sgt. Isaac Parker with Jeffersonville Police. "When they stopped the vehicle, they observed, inside the vehicle, several packages."

Virginia McFadden reportedly stole packages from several neighborhoods in Jeffersonville. People are being reminded to take extra precautions to protect their deliveries.

"Maybe talk to your neighbors ... see if your neighbors can pick them up if they see them delivered," Det. Sgt. Parker said. "Maybe have the packages delivered to your work." 

The McCubbin family is hoping the woman who took their packages will be caught, but they're making sure it won't happen again.

"If we order offline, we're definitely gonna to go to UPS or FedEx or wherever and pick it up ourselves or have it delivered somewhere it's secure or somebody is gonna be home," Sabrina McCubbins said.

Jeffersonville Police are still trying to track down the owners of several packages. They're asking people to give them a call if they think they've had a package stolen.

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