LOUISVILLE, Ky. (WDRB) -- This is the last week for drivers to open an account with RiverLink to lock in the lowest rate when tolls start on Friday, Dec. 30. 

"We stressed last week," said RiverLink spokesperson Mindy Peterson. "Open that account and we have time to get that transponder to you. This week we're saying -- Open that account, you may not have the transponder yet. But you will pay the lowest rate on the first day of tolling."

Although RiverLink urged people to open an account by the end of last week, officials say drivers will be charged the lowest rate if an account is opened by the end of this week. Although drivers who set up their accounts this week may not receive their transponders before the start of tolling, if the account is set up and in good standing, the lowest rates (in most cases $2) will apply when license plates are scanned. 

Officials stress that the transponder rate can only be applied if there's time to process the account and assign a transponder to the license plate. Drivers must receive and properly mount their transponders before each month’s crossings will count toward the frequent-user discount. 

"They key here is we have to have time to assign your transponder to your license plate," Peterson said. "That's the only way we know when you go through the system. It's going to be based entirely on your license pate if you don't have a transponder in hand."

That means accounts must be set up by the end of the week of Dec. 19 to ensure there's time to open the account and assign a transponder.

Accounts set up after that may not have transponders assigned before tolling begins.


RiverLink customer service centers and the RiverLink call center will be closed for the holidays on Saturday, Dec. 24, Sunday, Dec. 25 and Monday, Dec. 26.

Customer service centers and the RiverLink call center will be open on Saturday, Dec. 31 from 8 a.m. to 2 p.m. and Monday, Jan. 2  from 7 a.m. to 7 p.m..

Customer service centers are located at 400 E. Main St. in Louisville and 103 Quartermaster Ct. in Jeffersonville. 

And drivers can sign up online at any time.

E-ZPass transponders will be mailed at the end of the week. So any drivers that paid for one should look for a manila envelope in the mail early next week. Drivers should keep the small Mylar envelope that holds the E-ZPass transponder. When someone is not using the transponder, it can be placed in the Mylar envelope in the glove compartment, and it will not be read by the roadway sensors.

Peterson explained there was a slight glitch in the system for anyone who already has a E-ZPass transponder issued from the state of Virginia.

"They inadvertently started tolling this past weekend, I think," Peterson said. "People who had E-ZPass transponders from Virginia were charged. They should not have been charged. That has been cleared up, and Virginia will be issuing credits to those folks."

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