SELLERSBURG, Ind. (WDRB) - Indiana State Police in Sellersburg is offering to keep new troopers closer to home in attempt to attract more recruits.

Trooper Nick Yaeger, who was an electrician before joining the force, now trains some of those new recruits.

"I want to help people," he said. "It seemed fun to me."

Trooper Yaeger trained Tyler Matthew, who graduated from the academy in October and will be on his own in February.

"I always felt like it was a calling," Matthew said. "It kept weighing on my mind, and I thought if I'm going to do something with my life i.t might as well be do something that makes me feel good every day, something that I get excited to go do."

Each year, about 80 recruits train in Plainfield, Ind., from May to October. Cpl. Carey Huls with ISP Sellersburg says around 60 may actually graduate. But those recruits do not always end up patrolling in their home area.

The Sellersburg post is ramping up incentives to get more troopers.

"We want people to come here to our district," Cpl. Huls said. "We would like to have our manpower up at the Sellersburg post, and we have the opportunity this year that if someone goes from this area to the academy, chances are very likely they're going to come back home to us.

"Anyone who wants to stay close to home, the opportunity is there with this academy."

Those interested need a high school diploma or GED. Cpl. Huls says recruits get paid while at the academy.

"It actually goes up once you go out of the academy as a probationary trooper, and it goes up again when you're a full trooper," he said.

Starting pay for a trooper is around $40,000.

"Also, you have a take-home car, we have all our equipment provided, it's a great place to have a career," Cpl. Huls said.

When you can be close to home like Matthew and Yaeger are, it makes the job that much more rewarding.

"I feel like the superintendent feels that a happy trooper is a hardworking trooper," Yaeger said. "So I would encourage anyone to put in for it."

Cpl. Huls says if you live in Louisville, you are eligible too. He says people from out of state often apply to work in Indiana. Applications are due Jan. 2.

For application information, click here.

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