LOUISVILLE, Ky. (WDRB) –The University of Louisville’s director of football operations was contacted by campus police after three people were shot Dec. 11 at the Retreat at Louisville apartments, according to a police report.

U of L has declined to say if football players were injured or involved in the shooting, but sources have told WDRB News that junior linebacker James Hearns and sophomore linebacker Henry Famurewa were shot.

The “significant activity report” from the U of L Police Department, obtained under Kentucky’s open records law, shows for the first time a connection between the football program and the early-morning shooting.

The report was titled "Shooting of football players and cheerleader." It is the first official mention of any details on the third person shot. 

It says that after police responded to the complex west of Fourth Street and Cardinal Boulevard at 1:54 a.m., “Andy Wagner w/ UL football team notified.” Wagner is the school’s director of football operations.

The report says that during a party at the Retreat, “a pushing, shoving match started, then it went outside with a fight ensuing with someone having a gun. Suspects apparently fled from the area.”

One suspect was described as a black male in black clothes and dreadlocks. “Victims states they thought they could identify but didn’t know who suspect was,” the report says.

U of L students who live at the Retreat say they're being left in the dark on the shooting and were never given the suspect description of who to be looking out for. 

"In regards to the outcome of the shooting, I don't think they've done the best job of keeping us informed, if there's any suspects, if they're in custody. As of now I don't even know if they've caught the shooter," Hayden Combs said.

Since the shooting, the Retreat has increased its security. Combs says more could be done, but its reassuring knowing security officers are now present around the clock at the front gate checking parking passes and not letting anyone in who shouldn't be there. 

"Just for me, personally, I think I would feel a lot safer knowing that the police are taking action on this, and the school is acknowledging what has happened and is trying to make amends on that," Combs said.

The three people shot did not have life-threatening injuries. Their names are redacted on the U of L police report.

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