LOUISVILLE, Ky. (WDRB) -- A bank officer and a public works employee are charged with drug trafficking.

Jeffersontown Police believe they were dealing and using outside of work in their own social circle.

"It doesn't matter where you work, who you work for, what your title is ... if you are committing a crime, we are going to investigate, we are going to arrest you, and you're going to be charged," Jeffersontown Police Chief Ken Hatmaker said.

Earlier this month, Bryan Miller and Dean Campbell were arrested on drug charges, and Chief Hatmaker it should send a clear message to drug dealers.

"Bryan Miller was Dean Campbell's supplier," he said.

Police said Miller was a manager at the Republic Bank in Fern Creek and Campbell was a city employee.

Miller was eventually arrested at his home on Coventry Hill Road, Both he and Campbell are charged with dealing cocaine to a small group of friends.

 "It is a group, a very tight group of folks that share the same habit and push cocaine within that circle," Chief Hatmaker said.

Jeffersontown has been in the news recently for its angel program. The program allows drug addicts to come to the department for treatment instead of jail.

"We do want to help people that have an addiction," Chief Hatmaker said.

So far, the angel program has helped several dozen drug addicts find recovery programs, but Chief Hatmaker said there's a line.

"Once you cross into selling narcotics, especially schedule 2 such as cocaine or heroin ... you are crossing into a different arena."

The department has also made several big drug busts this year. Chief Hatmaker said that's because police and the entire work as a team to enforce the law and refuse to ignore illegal behavior.

"It is not going to happen here," he said. "If it does happen here, you are going to be investigated and charged."

Jeffersontown Police don't expect to make anymore arrest in this case.

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