ELIZABETHTOWN, Ky. (WDRB) -- An app that can bring help in an emergency is already seeing more people in Hardin County using it than expected.

The Pulse Point app alerts users of a cardiac emergency in their area. It then guides them to the location so they can administer CPR before emergency responders arrive.

The phone application can also lead users to the nearest AED.

“With our over 3,000 downloads, which is well over our one-year goal of 1,600, shows that our community as a whole has really bought into the app and wants to be a part of the citizen response,” said Jamie Armstrong, a Hardin County paramedic supervisor.

The county has been using the app for a year. Hardin County EMS says it does not have a proven case of someone being saved with the technology but expects that to happen soon.  

EMS says it has improved overall CPR response time. The app alerted hospital workers out to eat at a restaurant in one case, but the person did not survive.

“The team responded over and started CPR within a couple minutes of the original call," Armstrong said. "Approximately seven minutes from the original call, first responders showed up."

Hardin County EMS hopes more communities sign up for the service to create better coverage throughout the state.

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