LOUISVILLE, Ky. (WDRB) -- It has eased congestion in east Louisville into Indiana, but the Lewis and Clark Bridge is a little troublesome for walkers.

Walkers like Debbie Meneou.

"It's great to see them add the walking portion to it, but yeah, something needs to be done about the parking," said Meneou. "It's obvious there's going to be a lot of people wanting to do this."

Since the bridge opened last week, people have been taking advantage of the unseasonably warm weather and crossing the Ohio River on foot.

Lauren Boehnlein, Tyler Sharp and Laney Sharp met some friends to walk the bridge and say it's awesome and amazing. Dozens of walkers laced up their shoes and hit the bridge on Monday. Many love the new walking bridge.

"I think it gives people something to do around here that's healthy and productive," said walker Joseph Garcia.

The only problem is there are very few parking spaces for bridge-walkers to park their vehicles.

For now, there's only a small parking area in Utica, Ind., along Old Salem Road -- and there are currently no plans to add more.

Dan Hartlage, a spokesman for the project, released the following statement:

The shared use path is 13 feet wide with access on the Kentucky and Indiana sides.  It’s recommended that pedestrians access from the Indiana side because there is no parking where the Kentucky side ends, at River Road. There are about 15 spots for parking at the East End Crossing Operation & Maintenance Center in Indiana (where Old Salem Road and Indiana 265 meet).

A local business off River Road in Prospect is having problems with people parking in its lot to access the walkway. Prospect Councilman Luke Schmidt says says he hopes Indiana and Kentucky governments can come up with a short-term solution to parking -- and that it should have been addressed before opening the walkway.

People are now hoping they don't get towed as they enjoy the sights of the bridge.

"It's important to have options for people to get exercise, because a lot of people don't have really a good place to walk around or ride their bike," Garcia said.

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