LOUISVILLE, Ky. (WDRB) -- There have been 117 homicides in Louisville so far this year, and now two young men are trying to prevent that number from going even higher.

Louisville rappers 19-year-old Antonio “Soon Tonio” Short and 20-year-old Raja Williams both released songs this year about the increase in violence.

"’Too Much’ was inspired by pain, hurt, and street violence and to kind of stop it ... to let you know what I am going through so you can relate but this is how I am bettering myself,” Short said.

Williams’ song is called “Pray for my City” and was shot in several parts of Louisville including a cemetery. 

On Monday, WDRB talked with the two rappers at Green Meadow Cemetery ... a location where many of the city’s homicide victims are buried.

Williams says the songs are also for other cities throughout the country where violence is on the rise, including Chicago.

“It’s not only Louisville where everything is going on at ... you know what I mean? It’s just where we live. There’s worse places out in the world. Louisville is a blessing for real,” said Williams.

The men are hoping their words – and past experiences – change the directions of other young men who may be headed down a negative path.

“I was in the streets, period. That is why I feel like I can change it because they’re, like “oh, okay, this guy can change, I can change,’” Short said.

The two songs are a preview to an event Jan.12 to kick off the Martin Luther King Jr. holiday weekend called “Rap Session” featuring several local artists and the issues facing the community.

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