PROSPECT, Ky. (WDRB) – Prospect city leaders are working on potential plans to make roadways safer and easier to navigate for anyone on a bicycle or on foot.

It started about a year ago as a plan to improve the look of Prospect along the U.S. 42 corridor. City councilman Luke B. Schmidt said that plan morphed into a comprehensive plan adding parts of River Road and other neighborhood roads.

“Our efforts have been focused on two things,” Schmidt said. “Beautification in the community as well as connectivity.”

The plans would include multi-use paths along parts of River Road on both sides of U.S. 42 and on some neighborhood roads. Schmidt hopes that will also help alleviate some traffic and safety concerns as the new Lewis and Clark Bridge walkway is gaining interest.

“We would put in a safe system of connected pathways suitable for biking, walking, electric golf carts and electric wheel chairs,” Schmidt said. “We want to make it handicap accessible.”

There would also be benches, lights and landscaping on all the paths. Eventually, city leaders hope these paths will connect to the Louisville Loop.

"The intent is no matter where you live in Prospect, if you want to walk to the central business district, or if you want to walk up here to the bridge or ultimately tie into the Louisville Loop when it comes out here from the Big Four bridge, we want it to be possible for you to leave your home and never have to walk or ride directly on U.S.  42 or River Road," Schmidt said.

City leaders hope to make Prospect a better place to live for residents and a more attractive destination for visitors.

“We’d like for them to stop and have a sandwich, have lunch, have a beer, a glass of wine,” Schmidt said. “Make it a destination. See the community, and then go back.”

Plans are still in the early stages. Schmidt said leaders still need to flesh out potential costs, but it could cost a few million dollars.

The city wants to match state and federal grants to help with the cost. Schmidt hopes to have grants submitted in 2017 and get some awards lined up by the end of the year. Construction wouldn’t start until 2018 and, depending on the cost, it could be done in phases.

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