LOUISVILLE, Ky. (WDRB) -- Frankfort Police say they've made a fourth arrest in connection with the robbery of a man found dead inside a pizza delivery vehicle.

According to Major Roy Richardson of the Frankfort Police Department, 18-year-old Cameron Montgomery was arrested Wednesday night. She is charged with conspiracy to commit robbery.

Police had already arrested 18-year-old Brooke Kennedy, and two unidentified juvenile suspects, in connection with the case. Kennedy is charged with conspiracy to commit robbery, as is one of the teen suspects. The other teen suspect is charged with robbery. 

None of the suspects are charged with murder, though Maj. Richardson says there could be additional charges in the future against additional suspects, or the suspects already in custody.

Police say this is the second homicide in Frankfort this year. Neighbors say they're in shock.

"Not in my whole life," said neighbor Jacob West. "I ain't never seen it, let alone come out the door to it."

It was a disturbing scene outside West's apartment Monday night. A man had been found fatally shot inside a pizza delivery car.

"There was a white sheet over the driver's door and the driver back side window was busted and we had already assumed somebody had died," West said.

Friends say the victim -- identified as Jared Banta -- was a great guy who didn't cause problems.

"From the time I met him, he was just a really great person and had a really big heart," said Kenzy Rhodes, a friend of the victim. "He was always making me laugh."

Police say they believe a drug transaction of some type was taking place at the time of the shooting. They say they don't know who was selling or who was buying -- but they believe Banta was lured there to be robbed. 

Frankfort Police say the homicide at the Country Hills apartment complex is unusual and they're determined to get justice for the victim and his family. 

"We're working very diligently to come and resolve and try to find out who's responsible for this," said Major Richardson.

Neighbors feel for the victim's family and hope police find the shooter.

"I feel sorry for the family," West said. "I really do." 

If you have any information that can help this investigation, you're asked to call Frankfort Police at (502) 875-8523.

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