Twin babies Adaline and Emma Decker will share a lot growing up, but one thing they won’t share is a birthday.

“It's going to be interesting seeing which one fights for what,” said the girls’ mother, Adonna Decker.

Although the twins were born just four minutes apart, they were born on separate days in separate years at Norton Children's Hospital in downtown Louisville.

Little Adaline was the last baby born in Louisville in 2016 and her sister, Emma, was the first of 2017.

The girl's dad, Trey Decker, is also a twin. When his wife told him they were also having twins, he didn't take her seriously.

“I thought for sure she was just joking with me,” Trey said.

It wasn't a joke. The girls arrived four weeks early, but they're healthy at 4 pounds, 12 ounces and 4 pounds, 11 ounces.

“I was shocked," Adonna said. "I wasn't expecting them that quick, but I'm happy for it."

Trey and Adonna Decker have been together for eight years. They're from the Elizabethtown area and met when they were in high school. They both know what it's like to share a birthday.

“Me and my brother were born on the same day but five years apart," Adonna said. "So we had our birthday the same day, but we hated it."

She says she's happy the girls have their own days to celebrate.  As for the birthday parties, that’s something they might have to share.

“I say just one big party,” Trey said. 

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