One of the only places to buy fresh meat, fruit and vegetables in the Portland neighborhood, Pic Pac, has closed.

“We need fresh produce, and we need healthy stuff, and Pic Pac really provided that for 30 some years,” one customer said.

People who have shopped there for their entire lives are angry.

“Bring back Pic Pac,” a customer said. “Down here in west Louisville, the resources are extremely limited when it comes to health foods. You see a McDonald's, you see a chicken store, you see everything except healthy stuff.”

The co-owner of Pic Pac, Matthew Reasor, didn't want to talk on camera, but told WDRB News that his family sold the building because it was outdated and sales slumped. They couldn't earn the money to renovate.

He says "our community needs fresh food, and if we can find a way to come back to the neighborhood, we will."

Sources close to the project say Family Dollar will buy the building, although it’s unclear when it will open because the sale hasn’t closed yet.

“That's the reason why they're closing, because of the competition: Family Dollars. They're popping up everywhere, and we don't really need more family dollars," A Pic Pac customer said. "We need more grocery stores."

Woody Woodruff is a longtime friend of the Reasor family.  He owns the Save-A-Lot about a mile down the road.

“They were kind enough to allow us to use their storefront to post our advertising, because we are one of the few stores left in Portland,” Woodruff said.

He says he hopes people who shopped at Pic Pac won't hesitate to go the extra mile for healthy food. 

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