CRAWFORD COUNTY, Ind. (WDRB) -- A southern Indiana woman says she was handcuffed, choked and slammed to the floor by a Crawford County deputy.

It happened inside the Crawford County Jail, where surveillance video shows two things the woman spitting and then being taken down hard.

"It's kind of a shocking thing, when you first see it," attorney Justin Mills said. "Once you watch the videos and you see, they kind of tell the story."

The video is from June of last year and shows Kathi Plaskett being walked into the Crawford County Jail.

"Her hands were handcuffed behind her back because she was already being booked into the jail," Mills said.

Mills is representing Plaskett, but admits she's intoxicated and makes the first move when she turns and spits on a deputy.

"She was wrong. If she were sitting here, she would tell you that," Mills said.

But Mills says what happened next is why Plaskett is filing a lawsuit against the Sheriff's Office.

"He more or less took his forearm around the throat and spun her around and slammed her on her face."

Crawford County Sheriff Charles McDaniel would not go on camera but denied any allegations of wrongdoing and also shared Plaskett's mugshot as proof that there were no injuries to her face.

"Obviously, I disagree with that," Mills said. "I believe, with the injuries we have now, we are dealing with, I believe a detached retina, she has a permanent loss of eyesight."

WDRB News has obtained court documents dated July 5, when Plaskett asked for an attorney, a speedy trial and mentions her injuries, but Mills says justice was delayed.

"I believe it was another month or longer before she received any medical treatment."

A report from the sheriff's department shows Plaskett was initially arrested for criminal trespassing, and now she is also charged with charged with battery for spitting on the deputy. Mills said that's as far as it should have gone.

"That's a felony, and she's going to be held accountable for that," he said.

Right now, Plaskett is asking for $700,000 in the case.

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