FRANKFORT, Ky. (WDRB) -- One by one, groups for and against Kentucky House Bill 2 presented their arguments to a senate committee on health and welfare.

House Bill 2, which passed through the senate committee Friday afternoon, would require ultrasounds for women considering abortions. State Rep. Addia Wuchner sponsored the bill and calls it informed consent.

"...Having all that information that a woman could have before making a very difficult and challenging decision," she said Friday.

Planned Parenthood advocates see it differently.

"Mandating that a woman view an ultrasound is not about healthcare," said Tamarra Wieder with Planned Parenthood of Kentucky and Indiana. "It is about shaming a woman's decision to terminate her pregnancy."

House Bill 2 would also require women to listen to the fetal heartbeat, and there are no exceptions for rape or incest.

"This is why I ask you to please vote note on House Bill 2," Wieder said.

After hearing all of the arguments, committee members vote to move House Bill 2 forward.

"Once a bill passes out of committee, it will then be sent to floor of the full senate for a vote," Chair Julie Adams said.

"The full senate will be back in session Saturday morning and could vote on House Bill 2. If it passes, the next stop will be the desk of Kentucky Gov. Matt Bevin. 

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