LOUISVILLE, Ky. (WDRB) -- The Ohio River Bridges Project brought more ways to get between Kentucky and Indiana, along with dozens of additional cameras monitoring traffic. 

TRIMARC say it has doubled the number of cameras system-wide because of the project, from around 85 total to about 170.

“We have operators monitoring those bridges night and day 24/7, 365 days a year,” said Todd Hood, systems administrator for TRIMARC.

The project has also brought more funding to monitor the two new bridges and the tunnel for the Lewis and Clark Bridge.

The funding has allowed TRIMARC to hire more than 20 new full-time and part-time employees, allowing the 24/7 monitoring for the very first time. Workers monitor all the cameras in the system.

“It’s a big upgrade for the TRIMARC system and hopefully for the citizens of the community,” Hood said. “They’ll be able to have more visibility onto the roadway and have more information.”  

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RiverLink has about two dozen toll cameras of its own on each of the three bridges.

This spring, employees will be able to look for cars in an emergency situation like an Amber Alert.

But Riverlink says crossing information will not be available to everyone.

“If police needed access to information, they would have to go through the proper legal channels," said Mindy Peterson spokesperson for RiverLink. "That information would have to be subpoenaed, but there is going to be a process in place."

TRIMAC is planning to install infrared cameras on the Abraham Lincoln Bridge that can see through fog and smoke.

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