When the Kentucky General Assembly convened in Frankfort on Tuesday, it was historic! It marked the first time in almost a century since Republicans controlled the House of Representatives.

The Kentucky Chamber of Commerce, the state's largest business association, is optimistic the new majority in the House presents a great opportunity for some common sense legislation that will create jobs.

Here are four key priorities:

One: Let's make Kentucky a right-to work state and allow employees to make a personal decision on whether to pay dues to a union. As Kentucky has struggled to recruit businesses, not being a right-to-work state is costing us jobs.

Second: It's time Kentucky repealed its prevailing wage law. An independent study determined that prevailing wage inflates construction costs 10 to 16 percent. That means public construction projects like schools and libraries have to be scaled back in order to pay the artificially higher costs.

Number Three: On the education front, Kentucky is one of only seven states that don't allow charter schools. Charter schools are helping other states close achievements gaps, empower parents and encourage innovation in schools. We need that option in Kentucky.

And four: The Chamber has long advocated for legal liability reforms. The increasing cost of handling lawsuits is a serious problem for Kentucky's employers. These costs hurt businesses, their employees and consumers, as the extra costs get passed along to all of us.

These four items will make 2017 a great success.

Encourage your state representative and senator now to support these measures to move Kentucky forward.

I'm Dave Adkisson and that's our Point of View.