LOUISVILLE, Ky. (WDRB) -- Doors are locked at three popular restaurants on Bardstown Road. Windows are dark and signs read closed for maintenance. 

An unexpected site awaited workers at SuperChef's early Sunday morning. Video from business owner Darnell Ferguson's Instagram page showed ankle-deep water through the front of the restaurant.

On Monday, neighboring restaurants Sapporo, Tom+Chee and SuperChefs had the same signs on the doors: "Closed For Maintenance."

Theresa Seidenkranz, the manager at Tom+ Chee, described what it looked like inside the restaurant. "There were large puddles on the ground and it looked like it was raining from the ceiling," she said.

The culprit: a broken pipe in the ceiling.

"Water pipes above us had burst inside the store and caused lots of water on the floor," Seidenkranz added.

The property manager tells WDRB he thinks the pipe was frozen. At the time we spoke to him, he said the insurance company was on its way to assess the damage.

There's no word yet on just how much damage was caused.

This is the second time SuperChefs has suffered a debilitating blow.

Almost exactly one year ago, the restaurant, previously located in Saint Matthews, burned down.

The restaurant opened its new location on Bardstown Road in the Highlands in July.

The property manager says he expects all three restaurants to re-open by Wednesday or Thursday at the latest.

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