LOUISVILLE, Ky. (WDRB) -- When Drew Wortham took his first steps down the halls of the Healing Place, he was in a much different spot in his life, even if that was only last April.

"My father passed away when I was 22 years old, and I just went straight to drugs," Wortham said. "I just wanted some kind of relief from everything."

Like so many these days, he picked heroin. It seemed rock bottom came about as soon as he made the decision to use.

"Ended up homeless, sleeping outside and stuff like that," he said.

Drug court got him to the help he needed. Others aren't as lucky.

"We are turning away 300-400 men a month," said Karyn Hascal, president of the Healing Place. "The concerns are that they won't come back, and they won't live long enough to come back."

To meet the need, something dramatic had to happen. It started Wednesday as construction crews ripped out the old administration building to make way for an expansion of the men's campus. 

It's just the beginning of a $29 million upgrade that will result in a big facelift for the Healing Place. 

"When we're fully expanded, we'll more than triple the size of our detox," Hascal said.

It means more men like Wortham will get the helping hand they so desperately need to battle an epidemic that's not letting up on Louisville.

"This place has changed my life dramatically," Wortham said.

The project is set to be complete in two years. During that time, the Healing Place will be able to operate at full capacity.

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