The Elizabethtown Police Department is using the internet to reach out to possible recruits. Officers hope an online video will reach the right applicants.

The department is reaching out on social media and raising officers' starting salaries by $5,000. 

"Risk is an inherent part of the job," officer John Thomas said. "We are certainly under more public scrutiny than we ever have been."

Thomas knows that being a police officer isn't the most popular career right now.

"It's one of those careers that you can't really understand until you experience it firsthand," he said.

Thomas said he's seen a lot in his nine years with the Elizabethtown Police Department. He's encouraging others to give law enforcement a try.

The department posted a recruiting video on Facebook on Wednesday. It's hoping to expand the 50-person force over the next year.

"If you're looking for that type of fulfillment in your life, come join us at the Elizabethtown Police Department," Chief Tracy Schiller says in the video.

Thomas admits it's not an easy job to walk into danger to keep others safe. He said every call is different. Sometimes, wearing the badge means acting as a social worker. Other times, it's being a couple's marriage counselor. 

"There are many quality-of-life issues that we frequently deal with," Thomas said. "A lot of times, people just need someone to talk to. That's a big part of our job."

It's a job that's not cut out for everyone. But it's one that's more than just a paycheck.

"Certainly this is not a profession that you get into for the monetary benefits," Thomas said. "Those are nice, and you certainly need to make a living to be able to work and to live, but the essence of this job is service. If you want to get into this profession, it's because your desire, fundamentally, is to help people."

A background in law enforcement is not required. Starting pay is $37,500.

If you're interested in applying, click here.

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