LOUISVILLE, Ky. (WDRB) -- Two local organizations that have helped redirect thousands of at-risk kids are joining forces.

The St. Stephen Family Life Center and St. George's Scholar Institute have always had a similar mission: providing a structured environment for at risk youth.

Now they are working together in one location.

"You have to be worried about where your kids are at all times," said Kim Scott, a single parent.

For more than 50 years, St. George's Scholar Institute on 26th Street in west Louisville has helped eliminate some of the worry for parents.

"Gives him a secure and safe place to go and also helps him with his homework," said Rashawna Daniel, another parent.

And for nearly 30 years, the St. Stephen Family Life Center at 15th and Kentucky Streets has done the same.

"My major concern is that first of all that he is safe," Daniel said.

Housed in the Russell and California neighborhoods, both provide a safe place for children who are in the danger zone.

"We know he is here, we know he is safe," Daniel said.

After a violent 2016, Daniel knows the importance of after school programs.

"If I hear sirens coming down 28th Street, I know that my child is where I left him at," she said.

"We learned that we were definitely better together than apart," said Langston Gaither, executive director St. Stephen Family Life Center.

On Monday, St. George's moved out of an older building in need of repair and into the Family Life Center.

"We're still open, we're still providing those services, we're still reaching out to the community kids," said Arthur Cox, executive director of St. George's Scholar Institute. "We're just doing it from a different location."

Cox said the program was growing and needed a new building and more space.

"We get their space, we bring our programs. It's definitely a great partnership."

"We want to impact west Louisville in a positive way," Gaither said. "And we're both succeeding in the areas of reaching out to kids and giving them exactly what they need ... which is everything except for a gun or drugs."

That's why they feel confident this partnership will help reduce the number of crime scenes involving the city's youth, and give them more options and parents peace of mind.

"We want to make sure that there's a pipeline to college," Gaither said. "We have a partnership, of course, with Simmons College of Kentucky, an HBCU here in Kentucky. We pride ourselves on being a safe place for kids."

On Saturday afternoon, there will be an open registration at the family life center from 12:30-4 p.m.

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