By Sarah Davasher-Wisdom
Point of View Guest Editorial

Supersedeas Bond… it doesn’t roll off the tongue, and it might make you want to fall asleep.  But PAY ATTENTION, the meaning of it could change economic development in this region forever.

Current Kentucky state law allows opponents of development projects to file endless appeals. Think back to the West End Wal-Mart and the Omni Project.  In both cases, people attempted to obstruct economic growth in our Commonwealth by using and abusing the court system. They created legal logjams that delayed one project and killed another that would have greatly benefited a neighborhood in dire need of economic investment. It’s time to stop the madness.  

A recent bill introduced by Louisville Representative Jerry Miller aims to do just that. The proposed supersedeas bond bill requires a bond to be posted in order to appeal a Circuit Court decision. This ensures the wheels of justice can continue to turn, but provides a deterrent to frivolous lawsuits that hinder economic investment.

For years, GLI has advocated for legislation placing limits on appeals and we are encouraged by Representative Miller’s leadership on this vital issue. We must stop delaying the growth of our region. We can protect our history and character while stepping into the 21st century. We simply must adjust our perspective and see change as less of a threat and more of an opportunity. GLI urges lawmakers in Frankfort to send Representative Miller’s bill to Governor Bevin for signature. 

Superseadeas… easier done than said, and a better deal for all of Kentucky.  

I’m Sarah Davasher-Wisdom of GLI and that’s my Point of View.