JEFFERSONVILLE, Ind. (WDRB) -- Drivers could pay a premium for trying to avoid paying tolls under a new bill in the Indiana House.

“This bill is intended to help insure that no one is getting away without paying their fair share,” said Indiana Rep. Ed Clere, who is a co-author of the bill with Rep. Steven Stemler.

Those who cover their license plate, or do not display a plate, could pay a new fine up to $500 on top of existing penalties.

The creators of the bill are also considering adding language to combat devices designed to cover license plates from toll cameras. A man was arrested in Florida this week after being accused of using one of these devices.

“I would be in favor of an additional enhancement to deter that because that sort of behavior is simply unacceptable,” Rep. Clere said.

The bill would be statewide and the fines collected would go to the state highway fund if there are no tolls in a county. 

“If there’s a citation issued in a county with a tolled project such as the bridges, or a county that borders a county with a tolled project, then the money would go toward retiring the debt on the tolled project,” Rep. Clere said.

The bill is being reviewed by the Roads and Transportation committee in the Indiana House.

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