EVANSVILLE, Ind. (WDRB) -- An Indiana State Police sergeant is becoming famous for his emoji use.
Sgt. Todd Ringle has been using emojis to communicate safety messages on Twitter.  And that's inspiring his fellow state troopers to jump on the emoji bandwagon.

In the last 54 hours of 2016, Ringle tweeted nine times, using a total of 71 emojis, to remind people not to drink and drive. His district had no drunk driving arrests on New Year's Eve.

Ringle says he's getting a lot of positive feedback from people reading his messages. "If I can get people to not drink and drive or to wear their seat belts because I spent a couple minutes making a creative tweet by using emojis, then it's a win win for everybody"

He's keeping up the tweets with reminders for people to not drink and drive, after watching the NFL playoff games. 

He admits he was surprised to discover that some of his tweets are reaching well over 20,000 people. He says "before social media, we weren't able to do that. " 

If you want to follow Sgt. Ringle, he tweets under the @ISPEvansville handle. 

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