LOUISVILLE, Ky. (WDRB) -- Starting Jan. 30, you will not be able to enter Fort Knox with just a Kentucky driver's license.

Your Kentucky driver's license doesn't comply with REAL ID federal security standards. REAL ID was passed by Congress back in 2005 in response to Sept. 11, 2001.

Kentucky is one of seven states that is not in compliance with federal REAL ID laws. Indiana licenses are in compliance. 

In a video posted on Twitter, Kentucky Gov. Matt Bevin says he is asking the federal government to grant Kentucky an extension. That would give the state more time to make the process in which the IDs are issued meet security standards. The problem is that Kentucky licenses are issued by county offices, not a centralized state office.

"We have continued to work through how we can make sure this does not have a negative impact on those that are entering our military installations in particular," Gov. Bevin said in the video.

Homeland Security denied the state's last request in October. A bill has been introduced in the Kentucky legislature to make the state comply with REAL ID, but Gov. Bevin vetoed a similar measure last year. He says he's also been communicating with the incoming Trump administration.

There are some common documents you can use along with your license to get into Fort Knox:

  • A Non-government photo ID
  • A birth certificate 
  • A Utility Bill
  • Your vehicle registration

All of the above will work in conjunction with your license as long as the names and addresses match. There are many other forms of acceptable ID as well, click here for a full list and more information on the Fort Knox access changes. 

REAL ID in Kentucky will also impact air travel. Starting in 2018, people will not be able to use a Kentucky driver's license to board domestic flights.

TSA will not be accepting any additional forms along with your license. That means you'll need a passport or other enhanced ID to fly domestically in 2018, unless there are major changes with Kentucky's compliance status. 

For more information on the REAL ID act click here, you can also see a list of frequently asked REAL ID questions here. For a list of current TSA accepted identification, click here

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