LOUISVILLE, Ky. (WDRB) — The University of Louisville is filing its response to the NCAA’s Notice of Allegations against its men’s basketball program today, but the document is not expected to be made public until a later date.

University spokesman John Karman said that the university’s response will be submitted today, the deadline set by the NCAA.

It is expected to go through the redaction process, and then be released to the public, perhaps by the end of this week or early next week. WDRB has requested the document through state open records laws.

What it will contain is the university’s defense of basketball coach Rick Pitino’s handling of his program during the four years in which Katina Powell said she provided strippers who also were paid for sex with U of L recruits and players.

The NCAA was able to verify 14 strip shows with 11 sex acts and two declined sex acts, with extra benefits and impermissible inducements worth at least $5,400.

In response to the allegations, a joint statement from then-acting president Nevile Pinto and then athletic director Tom Jurich, said, “"The NOA does not contain an allegation that Coach Pitino had knowledge of what took place in the dormitory. The NCAA does not allege a 'lack of institutional control' at Louisville, a very severe allegation. The NCAA does not allege that there was a 'failure to monitor' against the institution, also a severe allegation. The NCAA does not allege that Coach Pitino 'failed to promote an atmosphere of compliance,' a serious allegation. The NOA does contain a narrower allegation -- which we will dispute -- that Coach Pitino failed to demonstrate that he monitored McGee. We believe that McGee acted furtively and note that the NOA does not indicate that any other university employee besides Mr. McGee had knowledge of these activities. We are confident in Coach Pitino and we know he is and always has been committed to NCAA compliance. The entire episode is a deep disappointment to all of us who love this university.”

The response filed today is expected to deal with the allegation that Pitino failed to monitor director of basketball operations Andre McGee.

The NCAA requires a fairly narrow line of response to rebut the assumption that Pitino failed to monitor an assistant. It will want to see evidence that Pitino conducted spot checks, adhered to regular compliance training, took tangible steps to check up on McGee’s conduct and took other reasonable efforts to satisfy himself that recruiting trips were conducted in a proper manner.

WDRB will provide more coverage when U of L’s response to the Notice of Allegations is made public.

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