LOUISVILLE, Ky. (WDRB) -- Many drivers have noticed time has been shaved off of their rush hour commutes.

TRIMARC has around 200 cameras that monitor traffic in the area, and crews working there have noticed that the opening of two new bridges and a revamp of Spaghetti Junction has eased up congestion but also created new problems.

David Eirk says his commute from Prospect has gone down by about 13 minutes.

"So far, since both bridges have been open, I've noticed a lot of less traffic coming out of 71 right where the Gene Snyder is, where the bottle-necking usually is in the morning," Eirk said. "Less traffic, and it is moving a lot smoother."

Savannah Dupree commutes from Elizabethtown but has noticed downtown traffic has lightened.

"I've noticed that it's a lot less congested," she said. "When I come into downtown, it seems like the traffic pattern has evened out quite a bit. And so the drive time does seem a lot shorter."

"We actually see a lot less vehicles in one specific area, but you see traffic consistently flowing," said Rickie Boller, Traffic Operations Center Supervisor at TRIMARC.

With the completion of the Ohio River Bridges Project, TRIMARC has seen quite a difference in traffic patterns.

Boller says there are a few exceptions to everything running smoother.

"The only congestion we normally see in the morning is 65 North Broadway traffic, that's still a big clog point," Boller said.

In the afternoon, back-ups are happening further out of downtown.

"What used to get congested down in Spaghetti Junction is not happening anymore now where the clog points are a little farther out between Story and Grinstead," Boller said.

But Boller added that some of the old problems linger.

"We still have the same congestion every day that we have at each intersection at 265 -- 64 congestion,  65 congestion, 71 congestion ... Those things remain," he said. "But as far as downtown and the east end tunnels, for the most part, things run pretty free and clear."

Boller says the un-tolled Sherman Minton and Second Street Bridges are mostly clear, too.

"The Sherman Minton Bridge has been running free and clear as well. I think the addition of the downtown bridge and the east end bridge has allowed everything to open up and breathe more."

Crews have also noticed fewer bridge crashes.

"We used to have an accident or a crash on the Kennedy Bridge coming south or northbound probably once a day," Boller said. "That was a regular crash point for us. I can count on one hand the crashes we've had in six months on one of those bridges."

Drivers will also notice about a dozen new electronic TRIMARC signs alerting drivers to any traffic issues before they hop on the interstates. 

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