LOUISVILLE, Ky. (WDRB) -- An unexpected call put a maintenance worker in Jeffersonville, Ind., on a first-name basis with President-elect Donald Trump.

Everything about Abbott screams "working class middle America."

"I worked for the city of Jeff for three years," Abbott said. "I'm an operator in the drainage department."

He's married, with two kids in college and a small business on the side.

"Around two o'clock, I was out building fence," Abbott recalled. "Phone rang, looked down and it said, 'New York, New York.'" 

So when the working middle class received a call Monday afternoon from the country's upper crust, screaming was about the last thing he could do.

"He said, 'David Abbott? This is Donald Trump,'" Abbott said. "...Well at that time I realized it's him. It's the man and...I'm a grown man and I got choked up."

The President-elect called to say "thank you" to Abbott after his Monday interview on the cable morning show, Fox and Friends. He talked about the inauguration.

"Celebrities or no celebrities, it's Donald Trump's day," Abbott said during the interview. "Not celebrities' day. Donald Trump's day."

It was Abbott's third such appearance on the show touting Trump. A former democrat who served on the Clark County Council, he switched parties last year.

"I said, 'Donald, if you're ever in the Louisville or southern Indiana area, is there anyway I could meet you and shake your hand?' and he said that could be arranged," Abbott said. 

There was no "Mr. President." Abbott says he called Trump by his first name the entire time. 

"He didn't correct me," Abbott said. "He just kept talking. And you know, talking to him, he just seemed like a normal guy."

He says they also talked about Vice President Pence being a Hoosier and Trump's relationship with the media.

"He said it's been a pretty rough road," Abbott said. "I said, 'Man, Donald, every time I see you on TV, they're on you, but you always have the answers.'"

A friendly exchange but Abbott stopped short of asking for a job at the White House. 

"You know after you hang up you think of a million things you would have said," Abbott said. 

But overall no regrets because 10 minutes talking with the new president, "Was an experience I'll never forget," Abbott said.

Even though they talked about it, Abbott says he will be watching Trump's inauguration Friday from home.

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