WASHINGTON, DC (WDRB) -- An intimate photo of Vice President-elect Mike Pence dancing with his wife is getting attention on social media. 

He posted the photo on twitter following Tuesday night's pre-inaugural dinner.  The black and white photo has the comment "snuck in a dance with Karen backstage tonight. Couldn't wait for the inaugural balls to begin tomorrow. 

The photo has thousands of likes and retweets. In fact, the first person to react to the photo on Twitter was soon-to-be First Lady Melania Trump. 

Pence will be sworn in as Vice President on Friday during the inauguration of Donald Trump as the nation's 45th president.  Pence will use the family Bible of former president Ronald Reagan for the oath, which will be administered by U. S. Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas. 

Follow the VP elect on Twitter at @Mike_Pence

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