Time Warner Cable is leaving Louisville. Charter bought it last spring and is making some changes to your Internet, TV and phone services starting with the name.

The brand is now called Spectrum.

“Eventually, all markets with Time Warner Cable will become the Spectrum brand,” said Mike Hogan spokesman for Charter Communications.

Spectrum still offers the same Internet speeds as Time Warner Cable. The base speed begins at 60 MBPS and depending on where you live, you could get as fast as 300 MBPS. Some areas may only see as fast as 100MBPS. 

But the difference is that Spectrum doesn't have data caps. There is no useage-based pricing or additional modem fees with no contracts no termination fees. 

And the final change you'll see is in customer service. 

"Overall, Spectrum plans to add 20,000 jobs throughout the country, and a majority of them will service customers directly," Hogan said.

Spectrum says it's bringing jobs back from overseas. Some of those jobs are coming to Louisville, but it's unclear just how many.  

Those jobs will help you at call centers and will create more availability for technical support to come to you house in a reasonable time.  

Although your Internet speed won't change, a Charter spokesperson says the company is looking for ways to get faster.

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