GREENVILLE, Ind. (WDRB) – As high school seniors begin to consider what colleges to attend next school year, a Greenville student has Ivy league schools courting him.

Carson Conley is a Floyd Central senior and received a perfect score of 36 on his ACT test not once, but twice.

“I remember I was walking through the hallway, and my principal stopped me and told me I had gotten a 36 on it, which, you know, is pretty exciting in the middle of the school day just to hear that,” Conley said.

That was after the first time taking the test.

Conley took the test again when he learned Ivy league schools require applicants to complete the essay portion, something that is not on the tests administered by Floyd Central.

“You can’t just take the essay, so I had to retake the entire test for the essay section, and I ended up just getting another 36,” Conley said.

The essay Conley wrote for the University of Oxford was based on his passion for music. The essay for Princeton University was based on his passion for 4-H and showing animals.

Because of that, universities like Oxford and Princeton have accepted Conley, and he is waiting to hear from the other Ivy league schools like Harvard over the next two months.

Throughout school, Conley has maintained a 4.0 unweighted GPA while holding a weighted GPA, including AP classes, of 5.2

His mom, a teacher, tells WDRB she is already trying to prepare her son for what life will be like once college begins.

“He is going to have to study a little harder, and he is going to have to, you know, not just go in and read the chapter and get everything right," said DeAnn Thrasher, Conley's mother. "It’s going to be a lot more difficult for him, trying to prepare him for that."

As for a major, Conley says he is not sure but is taking a close look at law school.

He says he has no secret to his academic success, adding that he has always liked school and been good at it.

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