LOUISVILLE, Ky. (WDRB) -- Rick Pitino told me, when Kentucky coach John Calipari called him about their long-anticipated podcast discussion last month, Calipari said he'd begin with some talk about their most recent books.

"He said, 'I'll say I didn't read your book, and you can say you didn't read mine,'" Pitino said, laughing. "I had (assistant) Jordan (Sucher) find me the content of Cal's latest book, and saw the first chapter was about acquiring talent. So when John starts off talking about our books, I told him I started reading his and when I saw the first chapter was about assembling the talent, I bought five copies for my assistants so they'd be able to get out there and get the kind of talent he has been getting."

So it begins. In actuality, it begins with some fun sound effects, including clashing swords. "Fake news," Calipari says, of expected fireworks.

The long-awaited discussion that took place a couple of weeks ago now has been released. You can stream it below, or get it wherever you get podcasts, via iTunes or other services.

Some of the best exchanges:

1. On the game they just played in late December.

Calipari: "I gotta live with the game you just beat us, I gotta live with the game for a year. Are you crazy? It's nuts down here."

Pitino: "Well how would you like to live with being 1-8?"

2. Pitino on the state of facilities when he got to UK, and his first days in Lexington.

Pitino: "There was no weight room. Everything was so antiquated. They just lived on the reputation of Kentucky basketball, it was the name. But from a facilities standpoint, everybody would really be shocked, knowing what we have today."

Calipari: "Do you know who is living in your house now?"

Pitino: "The women's basketball coach."

Calipari: "Matthew Mitchell has a nicer house than I have. I'm just telling you. He has a nicer house. What's funny, my sister lived in Lexington when you came here, she said people were driving by your house and taking dirt as they were building that house. Is that true? That's how crazy it was?"

Pitino: "I lived on a cul de sac, as you know, and the only reason I know is, one day Harry Cohen who lived next door came and said, 'we've got to put a stop to this. These people on Saturdays and Sundays are just driving around the cul de sac, they're getting out of their cars and taking dirt from your property and putting it in a jar. I said, 'You're not serious.' He said, 'You don't see the cars?'"

Cal: "Well, because of where you lived, I live on Richmond Road, the main road, because I knew no one could stop. Well when we moved here, there were accidents out in front of the house, people stopped and people rammed into them because they were looking up. We had a person at 7:30 in the morning knock on the door to get an autograph. So now we had to put up a fence. I mean, I love these people. They're crazy, and I tell them all the time."

3. NBA Memories.

Calipari: "You recommended me to take the New Jersey Nets job."

Pitino: "Yes."

Calipari: "Did you do that on purpose?"

Both: Laughter.

I don't want to give the whole thing away. It's an entertaining discussion, and even goes so far as to discuss Louisville's recent NCAA issues. At the end, Calipari said, "Let me just end on this. I wish you luck, until we play next year. I hope we beat your brains in next year, because that was just miserable."

Pitino concluded with, "Have a heathy and happy 2017, enjoy coaching your son, I know it's going to be a blast for you, and I know 2017 is going to bring the Kentucky Wildcats great prosperity."

"Well there you have it," Calipari said at the end. "We didn't fight. We didn't slap each other. There was a little fake news to start it all to have some fun. We talked about the NCAA, how we both feel about it. I think it was a terrific interview. I enjoyed doing it. I think he enjoyed doing it, also. They're having a fabulous year. They're playing well. I think you're talking about a team that has the chance to be in the Final Four and win a national title, and I hope we're in that same boat."

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