LOUISVILLE, Ky. (WDRB) -- Drivers who have been crossing tolled bridges without using a RiverLink transponder will soon receive invoices in the mail. 

The first invoices are scheduled to be sent on Jan. 20, with additional mailings to follow in the coming days. Not everyone will receive an invoice at the same time. 

Cameras capture license plate numbers of drivers without transponders, and invoices are mailed to registered vehicle owners. Toll rates are higher -- $4 per for private vehicles with two axles -- because of higher administrative costs.

RiverLink officials say vehicle owners who receive bills in the mail can still receive lower toll rates, if they contact RiverLink customer service, open a prepaid account and request a transponder.

According to RiverLink, two one-way crossings in a passenger vehicle will cause an invoice to be sent. Any additional crossings in the vehicle will be collected for the next 15 days, and an invoice is mailed to the owner of the vehicle. If a bill is not paid within 15 days, a $5 administrative fee is added. If the bill still remains unpaid for another month, a $25 violation fee is added. If the bill goes unpaid for another month after that, a $30 collection fee is added.

That means a round-trip crossing that would have cost $8 could soar to almost $70 in three months if the notices are ignored. Drivers in Kentucky and Indiana will not be able to review registrations until the bills are paid.

Bills can be paid online at the RiverLink website, by mail, by phone or in person at a RiverLink customer service center.


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