LOUISVILLE, Ky. (WDRB) -- A former Jefferson County Public Schools teacher convicted of driving drunk and causing an injury has been granted shock probation, but will remain incarcerated for the next few months, according to an order issued by a judge Thursday.

Jefferson Circuit Court Judge Audra Eckerle's order states that Rachel Bouya Ahmed Limam must spend the first nine months of her probation on further incarceration, with the first three months at a minimum security jail with releases only as verified for a job search, treatment, probation and parole and the education of others as to the dangers of drinking and driving.

The order further states that Bouya Ahmed Limam shall spend the next six months on home incarceration with the same releases.

"The remainder of the defendant's sentence (three years) shall be withheld for a period of five years during which time she shall be supervised by and subject to the rules and regulations of the division of probation and parole," Eckerle writes, adding that the defendant must follow all of the instructions of her probation officer.

In addition, Bouya Ahmed Limam shall complete 90 hours of community service in the form of teaching others about the dangers of drinking and driving, as well as submitting to random drug and alcohol testing at her expense, refraining from possession of any firearm or other deadly weapon, refraining from committing any further criminal offense and paying court costs and a felony fine of $1,000.

She must also pay $17,566 in restitution to the victim, pursuant to the restitution order that was entered on Oct. 26, 2016.

Bouya Ahmed Limam was a teacher at Semple Elementary School at the time of the November 2015 incident, was sentenced to three years in prison in October.

Her attorney, Leland Hulbert, filed a request for shock probation in December, but the victim, Amanda Doyle, was not told about the hearing due to an error made by the Commonwealth Attorney's office.

Since Doyle was not told about the hearing, she was allowed to submit a statement to the judge, in which she asked Eckerle to deny the shock probation.

Officials say Bouya Ahmed Limam was drunk -- nearly three times the legal limit -- when she ran a stop light and crashed into Doyle's car just after midnight on Nov. 1, 2015.

During the shock probation hearing held on Jan. 11, Bouya Ahmed Limam told the judge why she believes she should be let out of prison early.

"I have had a lot of time to let the reality of the situation and negative impact of what I did sink in," Bouya Ahmed Limam said. "I know a lot of people have been affected by what I did. I want to do whatever I can to make it right. I know only my actions have me here today."

Doyle released a statement Thursday afternoon:

We believe the original sentence of 3 years was appropriate for Rachel Bouya Ahmed Liman's crime. Drunk drivers are a serious danger to anyone in our community and therefore a serious punishment is required in order for justice to prevail. We are skeptical of Rachel's testimony of her remorse in this case. We appreciate Judge Eckerle's extensive instructions in her order in this case. Rachel Bouya Ahmed Liman was released today, but Amanda has been sentenced to a life-time of health issues due to her careless disregard for anyone but Rachel.

Reporter Antoinette Konz covers K-12 education for WDRB News. She can be reached at 502-585-0838 or @tkonz on Twitter.

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