LOUISVILLE, Ky. (WDRB) -- Students at the West End School don't just study history, they're a part of it. 

"Not only are they adding new buildings, but they're adding new grades," 13-year-old Williams Glass said.

His school is in the midst of a three-year expansion adding 5th grade this fall to complete a full program spanning pre-Kindergarten to 8th grade. 

The West End school is an all-boys private school where the students pay nothing in one of Louisville's poorest communities. The middle school students live on campus Monday through Friday.

"If you want to get to become a young, responsible man or you are going through a tough time, this school will help you out with that stuff," said Dieumerci Nshizirungu, a 7th grader.

Matthew Howell left Jefferson County Public Schools to teach science and shop at the West End School.

"The biggest difference happens outside the classroom, because I live here in the dorms with the kids," Howell said. "They can come see me anytime of day. I'm their neighbor. They can come knock on my door."

Howell said the campus is not just adding staff and students -- it's also adding curriculum, and space.

A new state-of-the-art "Maker Space" lab is expected to open next month. It's a place where students will be able to make whatever their minds can create. 

Glass wants to get his hands on the lab's 3D printer.

"I was thinking about making a model of a house I really like," Glass said.

This school launched about 11 years ago with just three kids, and by the end of the expansion, leaders hope for enrollment to reach 150. When that happens, the students won't just be studying history -- they'll be making it. 

The West End School is made up mostly of minority students, but it's open to all. It runs on grants and private donations. 

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