A man exposed himself at a gas station in broad daylight, and the victim captured clear pictures of the flasher on her cell phone.

Mieka House said it happened Tuesday afternoon at the Thornton's on Preston Highway near Indian Trail. House said she's offended and disturbed. She wants the man caught before it happens to someone else. 

"I said, 'Oh my gosh, is that his penis?,'" House recalled. "My boyfriend was on the other end of the phone saying, whose penis? I said, 'Oh my gosh, this man is staring at me with his penis hanging out.'"

It was a shocking encounter during a quick stop at a gas station.

"It wasn't a mistake. It wasn't that he had to take a quick leak," House said. "He did it on purpose."

Not once, but twice, House said. 

"He went back around on the other side of his car, came back, and had it hanging out again," House said. "He just stared at me. I immediately took a picture of him with my cell phone."

House was on her lunch break in the middle of the afternoon. 

She parked on the front side of the gas station and said the man parked directly across from her in the adjacent parking lot where security cameras were not visible.

"One of my nieces, nephews or godchildren could've been in the car with me," she said. "That's something children don't need to see."

House said she contacted police but claims a report was not filed because she didn't have the man's license plate number. She regrets not snapping a photo while he drove away. Now she's worried he will do it again.

"I have shared this (unedited picture) on my social media. Many of my friends have shared it," she said. "Hopefully, people will continue to share it until he's caught, because he does not need to be out exposing himself to people like that."

WDRB contacted LMPD about the case, but police were not able to provide any additional information on Thursday night.

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