LOUISVILLE, Ky. (WDRB) -- Some doctors said she would never walk again after she was paralyzed from doing a backbend.

But now, 6-year-old Eden Hoelscher is getting treatment in Louisville, and cell phone video taken by a friend shows her proving those doctors wrong as she takes first steps.

It was just absolutely amazing," said Kylee Hoelscher, Eden's mom. "Just beautiful at the same time."

Eden's best friend Violet is also in the video. She was visiting from California. 

"They had this imaginary play sword fight, and they just got really excited and started playing," Kylee Hoelscher said. "And all the sudden, Eden started walking toward Violet and started taking steps, and that was just amazing."

Also quite amazing is that Kylee Hoelscher says her daughter knew this was going to happen. 

"Eden had said to me the week before, 'Ya know mom, Violet loves me so much, I think when she comes, I'm going to walk."

Around the same time of this huge milestone, the California natives had to make a tough decision. Would they continue treatment at Frazier Rehab in Louisville or move back home to Los Angeles.

Eden's dad, Nicholas, says it was an easy choice.

"How Eden is progressing, we're like it's a no-brainer," hes aid. "Lets just pack up and call it a new home, a new venture."

Because of the spinal cord injury, Eden has physical therapy five times a week. And just last month, Eden walked on a slowed-down treadmill. 

"Her PT says that was the first time that they had noticed her spinal cord actually responding to the therapy," Kylee Hoelscher said. "Which shows that this treatment is working. And it just totally makes us realize that we are in the right place."

Eden's journey has also given hope to others who were once hopeless.

Kylee Hoelscher says a father in Lexington had seen Eden's story. He had never heard of Frazier Rehab but instantly knew that's where his daughter needed to be.

"He just gave me a hug and was like thank you," Kylee Hoelscher said. "And it's really cool that Eden's story is helping other kids."

Eden has also reached other significant milestones. She can now dress herself and is back in school full-time.  

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