LOUISVILLE, Ky,. (WDRB) -- Eastern Parkway has been closed for several weeks but reopened early Friday. 

Meanwhile, Cherokee Parkway closed at 6 o'clock Friday, and is expected to remain closed through the end of February. It will be closed from Longest Avenue to Willow Avenue, so the Louisville Water Company can replace a 100-year-old water main.

City leaders say the closure of Cherokee Parkway will be an inconvenience, but it should be manageable.

"We'll have more traffic there, but people have been really quick to respond and pretty patient and kind about it," said Louisville Metro Councilman for District 8, (D) Brandon Coan.

This is being called a permanent fix for the water main that has caused a myriad of issues in years past. A break in the 48-inch main in April of 2014 created a waterfall in Tyler Park, collapsing the intersection of Baxter Avenue and Eastern Parkway.

Crews are "slip-lining" a new, smaller pipe directly inside the old one. In this case, contractors will insert a 42-inch steel pipeline inside the existing 48-inch cast-iron pipe.

With Cherokee Parkway closed, additional traffic is expected on Grinstead Drive.

"It is an inconvenience," Coan said. "But there's a lot of construction around town, and the people and business owners, I will say, have been really patient."

The is just phase one of the $23 million project that is scheduled to be completed in April. Phase 2 will begin after that, followed by Phase 3 in November 2018. The project will end in April 2019.


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