LOUISVILLE, Ky. (WDRB) -- A student was arrested after he admitted to bringing a loaded gun to school, according to a Jefferson County Public Schools spokesperson.

Allison Gardner Martin, spokeswoman for JCPS, says it happened on Thursday morning. According to Martin, a student alerted school officials that another student riding the bus might have a weapon.

When administrators spoke with the student -- a senior -- he allegedly admitted to having a weapon in his backpack. Martin says officials searched and discovered a loaded gun, a weapon administrators describe as a Hi-Point pistol.

The student told officials that he had no intention of using the gun to hurt anyone at the school, Martin said.

He was arrested and, "will be disciplined according to JCPS policies," according to Martin. His name is not being released, as juvenile records are sealed.

The following message was sent home to parents:

"Because the safety of our schools and students is our highest priority, Jefferson County Public Schools has established a zero tolerance policy for firearms and dangerous instruments of any kind on campus. We exercise the right to search school property at any time; we also may search students whenever there is a reasonable suspicion that the student is in possession of a weapon or something else that violates our Code of Conduct. This morning, after talking with a student, the student self-reported that he brought a weapon to school.  The School Resource Officer (SRO) was involved.  We are grateful there were no injuries, and that at no time were students or staff placed in danger.  We are also grateful for the many students who are willing to work diligently daily and assist in reporting potential dangers to the building.  Likewise, Western will continue to remain vigilant in maintaining a safe and inviting atmosphere to help all students achieve their academic and personal goals."

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