NEW ALBANY, In. (WDRB) -- His last words were "I'm hit."

A witness to Wednesday's fatal shooting in New Albany says Richard Cozart Jr., 20, was ambushed by a gunman. According to New Albany Police Chief Todd Bailey, Cozart was pronounced dead at Baptist Floyd Hospital from a gunshot wound. 

Jimmy McGowan said he didn't get a clear look at the shooter because it was dark outside and everything happened so fast. 

"We were pretty much taking a right turn and just started hearing shots," McGowan recalled. "I ducked down. Richard said, 'I'm hit.' Maybe 20 seconds later, he was dead."

McGowan hasn't slept since Wednesday when his friend was shot and killed.

"We started driving off. We went to the hospital," McGowan said. "He didn't make it to the hospital."

McGowan was riding in the same car as Cozart when they were shot at. He said someone ambushed them near Erni Avenue and Fischer Drive around 7 p.m.

Bullets narrowly missed McGowan.

"I should've been hit," he said.

While police search for Cozart's killer, the 20-year-old's family is trying to plan a funeral.

"His family does not have the proper funds to bury him," McGowan said. "They have five days to do something with his body."

Cozart's friends started a GoFundMe page to help. Meanwhile, neighbors are still shaken by the sounds of gunfire. 

"I just heard four shots. It was like bam bam, bam bam," said Ricky Weedman, who is troubled knowing a murder happened in his backyard.

"I could roll outside someday, and somebody could shoot me," he said. "A random bullet could hit me, you know?"

McGowan hopes the shooter will soon be off the streets.

"I want him behind bars. So does (Cozart's) family," he said. "He deserves justice. It's not right."

Police have not named any suspects. Anyone with information should call New Albany Police.

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