LOUISVILLE, Ky. (WDRB) -- Local kids channel feelings of pain and loss into art and essays through a Gilda's Club contest providing the platform to find healing through sharing.


“For I cannot change the world. I cannot rattle the stars...” read Lily Price. 


“I just wanted to put my sister's story out there,” Christian Beck said.


“This was the day that I found out I had cancer,” explained Anna-Maria Beck.

Cancer is the common thread shared by all of these children and their families. The middle and high school students entered the Gilda's Club Contest, The 'Write Stuff.'  

Through art, poetry, essays and videography, they share intimate stories about how cancer has impacted their lives.

“So they might write about their own cancer journey,” Gilda’s Club C.O.O. Janet Gruenberg said, “Or a mother's or father's or grandparent's or a dear friend.” 

14-year-old Christian Beck won the videography category for his piece documenting his sister's fight with brain cancer. 

In the video, you hear from family members and friends describing her battle.

“So many people don't even know what she's going through because she's so happy and energetic all the time," they said.

“As a kid it was absolutely traumatic but we were able to persevere as a family,” Beck explained. 

His sister, Anna-Maria, described what 12 brain surgeries, two months of radiation and nine rounds of chemotherapy feels like in her own essay.

“I've had many challenges in life but I wouldn't be the person I am today if I had not gone through them,” she said.

Lily Price wrote about the loss in her own family.

“I tried to merge what I knew into a story," Price said.

These young students have already learned the tough lessons of sickness, sorrow, and in some cases death.

Cancer doesn't discriminate when it comes to its victims. But its victims can choose how they cope.

Price reads the last stanza in her poem, “I cannot change the course of history but maybe, just maybe, I could take a star and make it shine brighter, maybe, just for you.”

Click this link to see all of the winning entries. 

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