LOUISVILLE, Ky.  (WDRB) – The family of a murdered Louisville man gathered Sunday in the cemetery where 26-year-old Nick Hart is buried, still seeking answers as to who is responsible for his death.

Hart’s death is a 2016 open homicide case and listed as “murder,” but arrests are “pending.”

Hart died in July after getting into a fight at Taylor Boulevard near Brookline Avenue.

His family says during the confrontation Nick hit his head on the ground.

“The two men are claiming self-defense – that they just got into an altercation and that one thing lead to another and he just happened to fall and hit the concrete,” says Hart’s sister Faith Darland.

Hart died in the hospital 16 days after the altercation and his family says the two men involved have been questioned but that still leaves them with their own.

“He is the only murder case that (has arrests) pending in 2016 and we don’t understand why that is,” says Darland.

Friday more than 40 friends and family met at the cemetery to celebrate Hart’s life by releasing balloons ... remembering their loved one who worked as a carpenter and newlywed of less than a month before he died.

“Even by that you can just see the love that he reached out to everybody, his friends, his family, everyone and yet everyone still feels like there is a void missing,” said Darland.

The Commonwealth Attorney says more information and answers in the case could be released in the next couple weeks.

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