TAYLORSVILLE, Ky. (WDRB) - Redistricting in the Spencer County School District has some parents concerned where their kids will go to school next year.

The changing of the school district lines could affect about 120 students and teachers starting this fall, and which students will move is yet to be determined.

The district is looking to take about 120 students from Spencer County Elementary School and move them into the new $15 million Taylorsville Elementary to be completed this fall.

The current Taylorsville Elementary was built in 1938 and will have new construction and renovations. In order to do that, all 430 students and staff must be moved to the new school.

Spencer County Elementary is facing overcrowding, and new redistricting lines would help ease that -- lines that would be drawn based on socioeconomic impact to balance and maximize federal grants.

On Monday night, more than 100 parents and students met at Spencer County Middle School to listen to what Superintendent Chuck Adams had to say and answer any questions.

Parents still have questions as to if their children will be affected.

“We don’t know. That is what I am here to find out. If this is going to affect her, how this will affect here, and if I can make any changes if it does affect her,” says Brenda Hurt, who attended the meeting with her daughter, who is a second grader at Spencer Elementary. “So it’s going to have to be a whole lot more driving for me as a mom.”

While the new lines are not an official plan yet, school officials know it will happen. But where has yet to be decided.

About a half dozen teachers at Spencer Elementary were asked to voluntarily accept positions at the new Taylorsville Elementary as a reassignment. The decision about exactly where the redistricting will be drawn will be decided at another special meeting in the next two weeks.

The new Taylorsville Elementary School is set to be open for the 2017-18 school year.

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